Technical Officer Trainee Programme


CLP’s Technical Officer Trainee Programme offers a great start for a career in engineering. CLP runs a two-year Technical Officer Trainee Programme for Higher Diploma/Diploma graduates in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

About the Programme

As part of the Technical Officer Trainee Programme, you will receive intensive technical skills training, attend a variety of workshops and take up on-the-job training in our engineering departments. You will also receive training in areas such as soft skills, project management as well as safety, health, and environment. Training does not stop with your graduation from the two-year programme.

As a professional technical officer, you will be expected to continue your studies and learn to operate high voltage equipment in our network or other equipment in power stations.

Our Technical Officer Trainees’ stories

"Experience the fun from a high quality work life."

Yeung, Yung Tat Stephen
Engineer I
Power Systems Business Group / North region

I am very happy to share my work experience at CLP with you. I have been with CLP for more than four years. I have explored many aspects of a power station, power lines, antennae, management skills, safety knowledge – as well as communication skills. These have been extremely useful in both my professional and daily life.

The company also provides leisure activities including ball games, picnics and voluntary work, so that I can keep enriching myself in my spare time. I have even become a member of the company’s snooker team! I hope you can join us at CLP and serve people. Come and experience the fun of a high quality work life!

"Working for CLP does not just mean a job for me; it is already a part of my life!"

Wong, Wai Hung Jason
Shift Engineer II
Generation Business Group/ Black Point / Penny's Bay Power Stations

I joined CLP as an intern and had my final year project in Castle Peak Power Station. I studied automation and my final year project was to enhance the performance of a lube oil purifier. That was a great challenge as well as an interesting project for me to apply what I had learnt from school. Working with the operation and maintenance team, I managed to find the solution. From the beginning, I faced many difficulties but was never alone and had the support from all my colleagues who supported me with useful information and practical hints rather than just giving me the answers. In that three-month internship programme, I enhanced my knowledge, skills and life!

The Technical Officer Trainee Programme gave me a chance to rejoin CLP after graduation. The programme is challenging as you need to take up different assignments and fulfill different expectations under different roles and duties. It can also be stressful when you are working with professional and highly experienced colleagues. However, this is the way to push me to work hard and keep improving.

My career aspiration is to be a professional engineer to contribute to Hong Kong. It seems like a dream for me at this moment, but I truly trust that my dream will come true in my career with CLP. Working for CLP does not just mean a job for me; it is already a part of my life!


  • A Higher Diploma/Diploma student majoring in either Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
  • Pro-active and adaptable
  • Self-motivated
  • A good team player


To be announced.

Please visit our "Job Vacancies" webpage for recruitment details.


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