With Hong Kong’s continuing growth, demand for qualified professionals to support Hong Kong’s sustainable development is increasing. In response to that demand, CLP Power launched the CLP Power Academy in 2017. The Academy aims to become a world-class professional training institution, providing high quality and recognised training programmes for people who want to pursue a career in the power industry.

The CLP Power Academy cooperates with a variety of educational institutions to offer accredited programmes, covering technical aspects including generation engineering, electrical engineering, operational safety and management. By equipping students with practical knowledge and skills, academy graduates will be able to realise their potential and achieve their dreams.

For more details about CLP Power Academy, click here for the video and here for the booklet. For details about the various programmes, click here.

Vision and Mission


• To be the leading vocational-based academy for power engineering, bridging the gap between career training and higher education and providing students with the necessary professional and academic qualifications.


• To provide an alternative for school leavers and working adults to pursue professional knowledge in power engineering to enhance their career prospects and professional standing.

•To develop and ensure an adequate supply of competent engineering employees for the local power industry.

•To establish partnerships between the industry and academic and professional institutions to promote excellence in the engineering profession together.


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