Leadership plays a crucial role in the growth of any organisation. At CLP, a visionary team of directors combined with a dynamic management team have been guiding our success over the past hundred years. Together, they determine the direction of the company, formulate strategy and oversee its operations.

All our directors and senior executives are fully aware of their collective and individual responsibilities to staff and other stakeholders as well as to the communities that CLP's operations are located. They supervise the financial, environmental and social performance of the company in accordance with the CLP Code of Conduct.

Board of Directors

  • William Elkin Mocatta (Chairman)
  • Yuen So Siu Mai Betty (Vice Chairman)
  • Chiang Tung Keung (Managing Director)
  • Richard Kendall Lancaster
  • Tong Chi Leung David
  • Geert Herman August Peeters
  • Chan Siu Hung
  • Chong Wai Yan Quince
  • James Richarde Truscott

Latest update: 28 June 2018

CLP Power Executive Committee

  • Chiang Tung Keung (Managing Director)
  • Chong Wai Yan Quince
  • James Richarde Truscott
  • Cheung Po Chung Eric
  • Lo Pak Cheong
  • Low Lena
  • Andre Urban Blumberg
  • Law Ka Chun Joseph
  • Chiu On-Tin  Edward
  • Chan Kin Ming Eric
  • Lam Tsui Wa Connie
  • Choi Man Catherine

Latest update: 1 November 2018


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