Distribution Box Beautification Project

Together We Power Up Our Community

CLP’s Distribution Box Beautification Project is set out to connect art with people and the community to aim for a greener and sustainable community together. By bringing a touch of contemporary art depicting local landmarks, culture and green elements by local artists, the project aims to power up the community with bright colours, social connectivity and common goal for a greener future.

The project pilots in Hung Hom, Sham Shui Po, Tsuen Wan West and Tuen Mun (San Hui).

Design concept

CLP has collaborated with four local artists to design and develop the beautified distribution boxes in the four pilot districts.

Each district's distribution box beautification design has a unique story behind it. You can click on the respective designs below to know more about their creation.

Hung Hom

Sham Shui Po

Tsuen Wan West

Tuen Mun (San Hui)

Interactive Element - IG Filters

In addition to the distribution box design, CLP has designed and published IG filters. The public can access the filters by scanning the respective QR codes on the side of the beautified distribution boxes and see the distribution box come to life. The designs of the filters vary in each district.

Alternatively, the public can use their smartphone and scan the QR codes on the design concept page to access the filters.

For any enquiries, please email: [email protected]


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