Value-Added Payment Service

eAutopay Reminder

To ensure you always have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover your next electricity bill, you can opt to receive Autopay Reminder notification two days before your payment due date.

If you have multiple electricity accounts with identical payment due dates and receive your bill at a single email address, you will accordingly receive only one eAutopay Reminder – making it easier for you to check and manage all your accounts, with just one click.

*Sign up for eAutopay Reminder Service.


For greater peace of mind, you can choose to receive an eReceipt* that confirms your payment if you settle your bill by:

  • Autopay – Direct Debit or Credit Card Autopay
  • Cheque – Cheque by Mail or by Cheque Deposit Machine
  • Internet – PPS

*Click here to register for CLP’s eReceipt service.


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