CLP Customer Consultative Group (CCG)

CLP understands the importance of listening to our customers, who can be from all walks of life, because our customers can help us assess the quality of our own services. In 1992, CCG was formed with the support from the Consumer Council and the members of CCG which represented a wide spectrum of customers. With the increase of the customer base and service variety, the number of CCG members has increased from 5 to 16.

CCG’s main purposes are to further enhance the relationship between CLP and its customers, improve services to customers, ensure that the interests of all customers are taken into account, and properly deal with customer complaints.

The role of CCG

  • Exchange ideas and information on issues pertaining to electricity supply, with a view to ensuring that the interests of both residential and business customers are taken into account, and make recommendations where appropriate
  • Examine customer complaints with a view to determining whether they have been adequately dealt with, and consider the ways and means to reduce the incidence of complaints
  • Monitor the application of the Supply Rules and make proposals for amendments where appropriate
  • Encourage better communication with customers through discussions with appropriate interested groups, with a view to bringing together different points of views

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CLP Local Customer Advisory Committees (LCAC)

Following the success of CCG, LCACs were formed in 1994 to strengthen customer communication. The committees’ members consist of representatives from different customer segments, such as management professionals, members of resident associations, business owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), community leaders and members of rural committees. Currently, there are 14 LCACs in the CLP’s supply areas.

Each LCAC meets quarterly to offer advice on quality and efficient customer services, and to help promote new service initiatives and support CLP’s participation with local communities. In the trusting relationship that has developed over the years, LCACs from time to time provide feedback to help resolve customer concerns in an appropriate and timely manner.

The role of LCAC

  • Advise CLP on issues pertaining to the provision of customer services in a distinctive and efficient manner
  • Enhance communication between CLP and its customers
  • Help promote service initiatives of CLP
  • Support CLP's participation in the local communities

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