The local combustion process for gas dryers will produce exhaust fumes. Electric clothes dryers with heating elements (no local combustion) only release heat into the air, leaving the surroundings more comfortable.

Electric Tumble Dryer

  • Hot air generated by the heating elements is used to dry clothes. As less heat is lost compared to dryers in other fuels, Electric Tumble Dryers can save about 13% of energy costs
  • Electric dryers operate without local combustion, helping to create a cleaner, more comfortable and safer working environment
  • Easy to install, environmentally friendly and more flexible than dryers in other fuels
  • In addition, the heat pump system generates the pre-heating process by heating the intake air (from 30℃ to 55℃) and then further dries the clothes by electric dryer (from 55℃ to 85℃). Compared with traditional dryer, heat pump takes only 25% of energy to generate heat from 30℃ to 55℃ and achieved up to 75% energy saving. During the pre-heating process, free cooling and chilled air is generated by heat pump at the same time


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