Deposit Requirement

CLP may, prior to or anytime after connection of supply, require payment of one or more deposits as security against all charges which may become payable in respect of an account. The deposit amount will be determined by CLP with reference to the account’s usage, although normally this will not exceed the highest expected charge on your account within a 60-day period.*

Under exceptional circumstances, CLP may at its discretion accept a guarantee in lieu of a cash deposit from an institution recognised and approved by the company. CLP may also revise the amount of such guarantee from time to time, as the company sees fit.

*Please refer to CLP’s Supply Rules for the pertinent terms and conditions.

Deposit Interest

CLP pays interest on all customers’ cash deposits. This is calculated at rates published by the company from time to time. *

Interest ceases to accrue when:

  • an account is terminated (whether or not requested by the registered customer)
  • the deposit has already been refunded or offset against outstanding payments
  • notice has been sent to the customer’s last known address, notifying them that the deposit is no longer required

whichever of the above happens first.

*Please refer to CLP’s Supply Rules for the pertinent terms and conditions.

Deposit Refund

Upon account termination, the deposit will be used to offset any final electricity charges. The balance will then be refunded to the duly registered customer.*

For a refund by cheque or by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) directly to your bank account, please present the following documents:

  • All deposit receipts. If you have lost your deposit receipt(s), please fill in a Deposit Refund Form and return it to us
  • A photocopy of your Hong Kong Identity Card or Business Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  • For Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), either a copy of your passbook (specifically the page with your bank account number printed on it) or a statement of the bank account to be credited

You can apply for a deposit refund through any of the channels listed below. Your request will be processed within approximately 5 working days upon our receipt of the required documents.

  • Visit any of our Customer Service Centres (for all customers) or GREENPLUS Experience Centres (specially for Business Customers)
  • Call our Customer Service Hotline on 2678 2678
  • By registered mail to CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Billing & Credit Control Branch, 7/F, Shamshuipo Centre, 215 Fuk Wa Street, Kowloon (Please note that as this is a back office, enquiries about deposit refunds cannot be entertained in person here.)

If a payment on the account was made only recently (say, on your latest bill) via any of the following means, then please allow the time indicated for clearance prior to obtaining refund of the credit balance:

  • PPS or banks: 2 working days
  • Cheque: 8 working days
  • Direct debit or credit card: 5 working days

Please feel free to email us about any refund-related query you may have.

*Please refer to CLP’s Supply Rules for the pertinent terms and conditions.


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